Saturday, October 16, 2010

Catfish Head and A Veterans CONCEPTUAL ART For History

Conceptual art is a type of art in which the artist's idea or concept of a work of art and the means of executing that idea have primary importance, while the art work itself which may or may not be produced, is regarded as secondary.

Carl George Mueller, 1968 Vietnam Veteran from Sussex and Brown Deer, Wisconsin, 1945-1983.  
I lived in Wasilla, Alaska for about 2 months around 1976. License number was 603616. 

My hand is going through the back of the head and out the mouth of a 12 pound catfish!      This picture was taken when I was living in a homeless shelter and had a part time job at a private lake in Corona, CA., about 1999.

Abstract artistic impression of 9-11 by Carl G. Mueller, Nam 68.

Upper left side metaphorically shows the American flag shredded by the first plane.
This first plane has already hit the first tower.   
Little x marks respectfully represents victims jumping from the now collapsing tower.  
Left side also shows the second plane again shredding the flag and about to hit the second tower.  
The far right shows both towers collapsed but the Statue of Liberty is still standing tall.  
Lower left and front of the envelope represents the New York skyline. 
The face of the Scream by artist Edward Munch is interlaced within the artwork thus symbolically expressing America’s pain and fear.